[GAME] Dig Dog - Action Roguelike Digger

[GAME] Dig Dog - Action Roguelike Digger



Hello Cocos2d-x devs, I’ve announced my latest game today!

Dig Dog is an action roguelike platformer. Dig to discover treasure, adventure and bones! Jump, dash, stomp and dig your way through a strange world inhabited by stranger creatures.

There’s an announcement trailer on the Steam page. And here’s the announcement tweet.

This will be my fourth PC release using Cocos2d-x. Rather than upgrade to the latest versions, I tried to keep my frameworks stack unchanged from previous games so to not introduce any bugs. So this game is built with Cocos2d-x 3.13.1, SDL2, and my internal physics engine.

Looking forward to sharing more on the game as it gets closer to release!


Hey @Rusty Congrats on another great release. We did a developer interview with you a while back. How about we do another one?

Also, what can we do to help you start using Cocos Creator? I know your toolchain is tried and true at this point, but would you consider trying Creator for a title?


Dig Dog is now available on iOS, Win + Mac, and Xbox One!

Dig Dog is a platformer that intermixes digging with roguelike gameplay. Forge your own path as you creatively tunnel through each level. This launch trailer shows off the game pretty well:

Hope y’all get a chance to check it out!


@rusty - we are sending out a newsletter next week, want to be in it?


@slackmoehrle yea sure! That’d be rad. :slight_smile:


@rusty Awesome. slackmoehrle@cocos2d-x.org.

I need to send it on the 13th.

Can you send me:

a short summary
links to app stores.

I can shoot you over a draft on Monday to review before we send it.


This itunes.apple.com page can’t be found
No webpage was found for the web address: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dig-dog/id1147716340?mt=8


@yinjimmy Thanks! I tried to update the iOS link too. Hopefully that works.

@slackmoehrle Sure thing!


I got the Mac version through Steam. Fun times. I lol every time I get my bone and go shooting up to the heavens. :+1:


I just pushed an updated for Dig Dog today. The headlining feature: Unlockable Color Palettes!

Full Patch Notes

Man, updating across every platform is a ton of work! (iOS, Mac, Windows and Xbox One.) Xbox One required me to build against a newer Windows 10 SDK. This took quite a bit of twiddling and testing, but I eventually got it building properly again. I ended up using the 10.0.17763 SDK to build the final shipped version.



Looks fun! May I ask what graphic design and animation software you used?


oh man, yeah. I have some projects that run on ios, android, macOS, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and it is always a ton of work to update all platforms.

It’s fun though, right?


Thanks! The art was drawn and animated using Aseprite. Most of my other projects were drawn in Photoshop, so this was a nice change.


This looks awesome. Thanks for mentioning it.


Can you explain why and where did you combine SDL2 into Cocos2dx ?