[Game] Crazy Monkey

[Game] Crazy Monkey
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Just uploaded on GitHub


Good looking graphics and very detailed readme file: thanks for making that game and sharing the source code!

For your information, the game crashed when I got 4 crocrodiles in a raw:
TypeError: item[lineCombinations[tag].indexes.length] is undefined bundle.project.js:728:29

Anyway, I wasn’t expecting to trade my game credits into real money, so all is fine :wink:



@cocosdan with four crocrodiles it chashes because it doesn’t want to pay you a lot of money! :smile:
I’ll check this error.
Thank you very much for your feedback.


bug killed!

I forgot to add the paytable definitions for four symbols.
Thank you very much.


Cool!!! :sunglasses:

Did you checked your paytable definitions for five symbols?
Because next time, I may have five crocodiles :wink:



Nice game! Thanks for sharing your source code. I am still learning how to create a simple game in Cocos Creator.


@logidzk you are very welcome!


@alchimya Hi, thank you for share your code :wink: but i have a question… i can change the direction of spin reels? and how? If you can help me i would appreciate