[Game] BSoD CCG

[Game] BSoD CCG

Hi everyone.
Is our game Be Smart or Die (BSoD).
It is create on c++ cocos2d-x v2.2.6 and CocoStudio v1.2.0.1.
iOS, Android, Blackberry.

Be Smart or Die is a collectible card game.
It has turn-based strategy mechanics with some real-time action features.
You are represented as a field commander of one of few Factions struggling for the vital strategic locations. To accomplish your mission you must call for the reinforcements and lead them into battle.

The game was created by a team of two people.
It took 4 years to develop the game.
Three times redesigned the interface. Four times I rewrote the server and client side multiplayer.
During the work on BSoD we have released more than 15 games and applications.

We created its own ecosystem, which currently includes:

  • own multiplayer server for “Challenge” mode»
  • own server is for multiplayer mode "Draft»
  • own server for collection and processing of aggregate statistics
  • own server to process the codes and purchases
  • own backup storage and recovery server
  • own web store for purchases through robokassa service (Blackberry, Android and Windows PC).
  • implemented a native code for in-app purchases in the Apple Store, by refining improvements Cocos-Helper from SonarSystems.

Wow, that is a long time, congratulations on sticking with it.

In fact, this is a very large-scale project, both in terms of ideas and implementation.
Almost everything is developed independently.
A little games we do in one or two months.
When we were tired of developing “BSoD” we released other games and applications to have a rest from it, and continued again.
Here is an example of these games published here earlier: Cubemon Ninja School, Cubemania