[GAME] Box Cat Bash

[GAME] Box Cat Bash
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Hello Cocos2d-x gang!

I’ve just made a little arcade game called Box Cat Bash. It’s sort of a sequel to my original 2011 iPhone game, but the gameplay is heavily inspired by quick-death arcade games like Super Hexagon and Flappy Bird.

Its out on iOS, Android, and for desktop on itch.io.

Although I’ve released a handful of games with Obj-C Cocos2d over the years, this is my first iOS and Android release using Cocos2d-x. Currently using Cocos2d-x v 3.13.1 with the older simple audio engine. I was surprised to find cocos2d-x only supported “Chinese” as a language and didn’t specify traditional or simplified. So we ended up changing a bit of the cocos source to support and automatically recognize both Chinese languages.

All versions are purely C++. No Cocos Creator or SDK Box. Well, a little Obj-C was used to get the ads and similar platform specific stuff to work.

The desktop versions use SDL2 and for audio and controller support like my previous releases.


nice one :slight_smile: just checked it 5minutes ago :slight_smile: in featured list. Congratzz!


Congrats @Rusty!