[GAME][Android & iOS] Whizzkidland. Educational game

[GAME][Android & iOS] Whizzkidland. Educational game


Hi everyone!

I want to introduce you to a new educational game for children from 3 years old, developed on the basis of the popular series of books “Wonderful Stickers”.
Children’s teachers and psychologists took part in the development of the application. The game develops fine motor skills, imagination, logic and attention of the child.

The application interface is simple and intuitive. Three games are available to the user:

  1. “Complete the Picture”: the child needs to place bright and funny elements on the picture-based.
  2. “Lay out Mosaics”: you should assemble a picture from elements of a geometric mosaic.
  3. “Spot the Differences”: it is necessary to compare two pictures, find differences and add missing pieces.
    Each game has three levels of difficulty. At the Easy difficult level the game is available even to the youngest children.

The game already available on App Store and Google Play


Congrats on releasing. The art looks nice.


Thanks @slackmoehrle!