[GAME] [Android] 3D CAR SHOOTEMUP within 9MB - Dhansu Tez

[GAME] [Android] 3D CAR SHOOTEMUP within 9MB - Dhansu Tez


I got a lot of help reading various forums posts here, so I am excited to share this with everyone! :smiley:

Greetings from India. Internet connection is spotty here, some are on metered connections, few have broadband. So we wanted to make a small, simple, to the point, not overloaded with features, and a good looking game.

We made this using cocos2d-x:

  • Dhansu Tez does 55-60fps on phones like Samsung J2 Duos, Micromax Canvas A1. Any better device and it never dips below 60fps. Never!
  • Consistent < 70MB usage of ram
  • Engine size ~2.5MB, Assets: ~4.5MB, Fabric/Firebase: 1MB, Total 8.3MB apk size

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Is it kind of 3D for production version?

Congrats, will check this.


Congrats! Also way to go paying attention to app size.


Congrats! I will download and play it.


Wow 8.3M Congrats!


I think it looks great! And it is a good example of the kind of 3D games Cocos is capable of. Good luck in the play store


How does low final build size increase any of KPI’s ?


I don’t know about KPI but VTI definitely increases with a smaller build size. Don’t know if that helps, I am actually not the right person to know these things.


Thank you for the kind words everyone! Much appreciated :smiley: :smiley:


What is this?


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