Fullscreen and scene transition

Fullscreen and scene transition


I got fullscreen working well on my iMac running Mojave. It’s an animated eBook app and as such, it involves page turn transitions. These transitions works perfectly well on the iMac, iPhone and Android devices. However, when I run the app on my MacBook Pro, also running Mojave, the page turns result in the screen shrunk to a quarter and placed at the bottom left quadrant. The app freezes after that.

I tried using different transitions. Fade and slide seem to work fine on both macs. I could use one of these on mac targets, but it does not fit nicely in a book app.

Could this be a bug? If it is, are there any chances for fixes in the pre-release builds? I’ll be glad to file a bug if this has not been reported before. Thanks.


Hi, I guess you are using PageTurn3D? If yes than it looks like problem with grid (Cocos v3.15.1 effects don't work (Android 5.1.1)). If you send me apk I will be able to confirm that.


I don’t have problems in Android and iOS. It’s only on macOS, that too only in full screen. My machines run Mojave. Haven’t tested in other versions.

I’m using TransitionPageTurn(). This works very well on the iMac but not the MacBook Pro. However, the TransitionSlideInL() works well on both.

Note, there are no problems at all when I’m not using full screen. The above problem only occurs in full screen GLViewImpl::createWithFullScreen("myBook01").