Free Physics Editor for Windows?

Free Physics Editor for Windows?

I am using cocos2d-x v 3.x in “Windows”.
Does anyone knows any free physics Editor where I can make custom physics boundaries like in Spritebuilder(which is only for mac). CocosStudio is good but lacks physics editor feature.


i saw a video tutorial made by @SonarSystems using PhysicsBody Editor
try it…


As mentioned by @pabitrapadhy we have tutorials which should help. Here is a link

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I developed a browser based physics editor to create box2d world easily Also it is totally free and comes with loader for cocos2d-x have a look

Looks really good. Thanks :smile: Is there anything where I can import a sprite and create my physics body over it?

This physics editor has auto tracing feature :
The one used in SonarSystems video :+1:

@TheCodez It was to reply to @amuTBKT where I was talking about sprite-auto/manual tracing feature in what @amuTBKT developed as browser based physics editor not aurelienribon’s physics editor!!

Anyways, I don’t like ‘Reply’ Button in our forums currently, as I’ve noticed at times, people can’t figure out whom someone has replied and author of post always has to personally tag the person to refer. Like it happened in this case :smile:

If you are using PhysicsBodyEditor, avoid using auto trace because it creates a lot of polygons which might result in bad performance. Hence, it is better to mark your own points and draw the polygon as required.

@i_am_GD You’re correct. Experience based thing…Anyone using that editor must be knowing it. What you told is an added point other than what’s being discussed. :smile:

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@catch_up glad that you are enjoying the application
and for importing a sprite you just have to add a texture to a body
to add texture:

  • select the body
  • from right menu click on texture and then you can select your image
    CAUTION: make sure that the texture file is in /resources folder

and for auto tracing you have to use a bitmap image (no png or jpegs), and as @i_am_GD suggested that it can create unnecessary vertices so you would have to manually clean the polygons generated

have a nice day

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Ya, similar to Physics editor. I know that… Thanks :smile: