Free Anti-Crack Tools Games Can Exploit To Combat Cheating& Piracy

GameSentry is an open-source project, which was launched by cybersecurity solution company GuardEase and offers game developers free anti-crack tools to prevent games from rampant copying and unfair cheating.

The “Cracked” refers to a situation where hackers bypass the security checks and reverse-engineer the game’s codes with various sophisticated tricks and techniques.

Game cheating, cracking and piracy have long been problems in the game business. Our recent survey shows that over 2.1 million hacker-related accounts were detected in 2021, whether they alarmed as building a bot, manipulating memory, or drawing on a debugger. The data indicates a large-scale black market perpetrates cybercrimes across games with functional specialization.

Of all malicious behaviors towards games, cracking source code is a preliminary step through which piracy and cheating come in, eroding billions of dollars in revenue. It also triggers the tremendous peril of leaking users’ personal information and affecting their gaming experience.

GuardEase utilizes open source to share our precise and proactive defense against cracking under various game frameworks, such as U3D, Cocos2d, NeoX, and Universal. Here is a guide to GuardEase’**s multi-layered cracking countermeasures.

First, developers should conduct Game Security Penetration Testing to see whether your game is at risk. The Testing is easy to conduct through our efforts. GuardEase provides a comprehensive introduction of game packages, which includes protocols, the corresponding address, code updates, automatic hooks, and other problematic issues to help game companies perceive vulnerabilities in advance.

Second, as transparency is essential, the client-side validation allows developers to reduce potential tampering attempts in players’ accounts.

The third method is to obfuscate game codes, making it impossible for rival hackers to find the logic flow and increasing the difficulty of cracking.

Fourth, encryption of critical files in games is a must, such as archives, customer service agreements, and transmission protocols, so rival hackers will be harder to decrypt.

The fifth is that adding extra shells should be taken to improve the security of different game engines to offset the cracking influence.

Game developers can currently access those free tools on GitHub and Gitee, two online software development platforms, adding various countermeasures to safeguard your game before going public.