FrameBufferObject in v4.0

FrameBufferObject in v4.0

In Cocos2dx v4.0 you removed the Class cocos2d::experimental::FrameBuffer. Also Methods like cocos2d::Camera->setFrameBufferObject() are gone. What is or will be the alternative?

We can ask @zhangxm to help us understand.

Hi @slackmoehrle… I know that you guys have some hard days with the corona-virus… I dont even know if the Cocos-Team is able to work atm… I wish you guys all the best for this.

This FrameBufferObject Thing will be relevant for us in the next few weeks. So maybe you could ask another developer if @zhangxm is not able to help with this.

Also you should update the v4 upgrade guide with more FrameBuffeObject information. So everyone can find the answer in the documentation. :+1:

@MuratAlbayrak I will ping @zhangxm to ask him to read this thread.

Thank you for the concern about our staff. Folks in China are ordered to stay indoors, no gathering, and IIRC they can only go to the store once every 2 days. If we stop and think about it, this has ended up being the worlds largest work-from-home experiment.

@coulsonwang could you please take a look.

Got it. I will take a look.

Yep, the FrameBufferObject was removed in V4. So what feature do you want to achieve? Does it possible can be done through other implementation?

We are using FrameBufferObjects for Post Processing Effects.
RenderTexture in combination with Camera zoom is buggy in v3.x. So we switched to FrameBufferObjects.

What we need is a stable way to render on a Texture, which we can use for multi pass effects. RenderTexture seems to be deprecated in v4?!
Any suggestion? Will there be a implementation of FrameBufferObject in v4?

You can use RenderTexture to do post processing effects. The RenderTexture exist in /cocos/2d/CCRenderTexture.h