FPS issue based on the size of the canvas

FPS issue based on the size of the canvas

ok sure :slight_smile:

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I’ve got same problem.
Everything work fine in fullHD but FPS drop on 4K monitor.

There is at least 1 bug related to screen size and fps for WebGL in Creator 1.7+ and 1.8. Accordingly to dev team, this will be fixed soon.

Read this: Cocos Creator v1.7.2

I found out that the problem exists only on Google Chrome. On Safari it works great. And I noticed that there is max width of the canvas before which it works smoothly but after I resize the window more, I start having some fps glitches. Does anybody have this kind of problem and what is the solution? :slight_smile:

also it works fine on Firefox. So the problem is only Google Chrome

This is not happening with Creator 1.5.2

So do you know if the problem will be fixed on coming versions or the only way is to go from 1.8.1 to 1.5.2? :slight_smile:

@slackmoehrle can we get a word from the team on this?

We fixed the issue and compared performance, to ensure 1.7.2/1.8.1 run as fast as 1.6.
But, is Creator 1.6 also slower than 1.5.2?

1.7.2 is not as fast as 1.5.2. I have both in my computer and there are performance issues on webgl based on how big is canvas size. The bigger, the slower. And it seems Im not the only one having issues…

Could you explain this again?

It should be fixed by this PR https://github.com/cocos-creator/engine/pull/2357

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I can confirm that now it works great!! Thanks @slackmoehrle @pandamicro @jare!! Awesome job! :smiley:

The issue is fixed with that change! Thanks. When are you going to release next version?

Thanks a bunch!

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It will release in 1.8.2 soon, thanks.


Hi. Thanks of course for the fix, but I also noticed that with this flag set to false on my iPhone 7 rendering time from 4ms increases to 10ms. So the fix in 1.8.2 will check all conditions if antialiasing gonna be true or false based on the environment where the game is running?

It will not check environment. What browser are you using? How is it possible rendering time will increase :joy:

iPhone 7 safari… without antialias:false its rendering time is ~4ms , with antialias:false its ~10ms , I still have ~58-60 fps because the device is strong and the total frame duration is ~16ms, but however I would like to understand why it behaves like that :slight_smile:

on my macBook Pro - safari,chrome browsers the rendering time is the same , just the FPS issue is fixed now, before with total 3ms of frame time there was a FPS issue now its fixed

We will test it, thanks!