Forum Maintenance November 23, 2017

Forum Maintenance November 23, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Thursday is Thanksgiving day in the U.S. I am going to take this opportunity to do some extensive forum maintenance. The forums will be down most of the day. I apologize for the inconvenience, but we need to add more disk space and to do so requires us to move our Digital Ocean instance to a region that supports it.

If you need anything, e-mail me. Questions or concerns, drop them below.


Go get that turkey, man! Happy TG!

I am not even sure there is Turkey in China…

Are panda bear eatable?
They looks nice and lovable, maybe they can be eaten…
a la guerre…

not likely. They are rare and protected. They are treated with the utmost respect. I imagine they live better than most of us do! A life of luxury being a panda in China.

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but they don’t reproduce… y’know what I mean… :open_mouth:
(uh, oh, I’m doing lowly humour on holy animals…)
In the end, I’ll think it’s better to stay a critter…

This was completed as expected.