For how long Cocos2Dx 2.x is going to be supported?

For how long Cocos2Dx 2.x is going to be supported? Are you planning to launch any further version further than 2.3.3 ?

It’s not really supported as-is… there hasn’t been any significant change to 2.x in over a year. Any bugs identified in 2.x are instead fixed for 3.x.

Honestly, I think it takes an upgrade to 3.x to continue getting support. I migrated about 20,000 lines of 2.2.3 to 3.1.1 and it didn’t take much work to get identical functionality, if you don’t mind deprecated warnings (which took about a further day of fiddling to update out of), but I suppose it depends on the project.

I’d say you should get to 3.x too. Also, you can always fix the bugs in 2.x yourself as you do have the source :slight_smile:

I told to my crew that if they can support v2 questions. Their reply was: after developing v3, we feel that v2 sucks, we don’t want to look back into v2 source code any more :wink: That same feeling happened when we upgrade v1 to v2.


BlackBerry 10 support is the only thing that keeps me tied to v2. And since BlackBerry is not planning to support C++11 in the near future I don’t see v3 support for BlackBerry 10 anytime soon :’(

can you honestly justify the Blackberry market at this point? Is it really work the development for xxx sales? I may be way off but I can’t imagine any app doing really well on Blackberry OS.

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What about WinRT support? This is what is keeping us (much to our dismay…) on cocos2d-x v2. I heard that the project generation was coming “in June” but has it come yet?

I’m not sure of the WinRT support timeline. I’ll ask someone for thoughts.

Did you find anyone with thoughts?

Yes. The WinRT port is being done by Microsoft. It was scheduled for June, but that timeline has slipped. I can follow up once I know more about a new timeline.

Is there any update to this? If not then I will just assume Microsoft gave up on Cocos for Windows Store…

I don’t actually have an update. I’ll ask…

I’m not sure the status of WinRT. I know that Microsoft wanted to support it. I’m sorry that I don’t have more of an update currently.

hello sir, do you have tutorial on how to set priority touches for pop-up menus? like when the pop-up menu appears, the game layer behind it wont receive any touches, only the pop-up menu will ‘swallow’ all the touches cocos2dxv2.2.5 c++

There are lots of tutorials for this on YouTube and StackOverflow for 2.2.5. If you change to 3.x then there is also information in the wiki.

Hi. Any update about the WinRT port ? Is there any other upcoming port ?

We are having a meeting with Microsoft next week.

It would seem to already be supported ->

Please keep us posted about it :smile:

Windows Phone support is back on Cocos2d-x 3.3.

Quick question @slackmoehrle , Is the proj.win8.1-universal now included on cocos2d-x 3.3 project template the win rt project ?