[FOR HIRE] Gameplay programmer with fair prices (Deaht's Gambit: AfterLife , Dungeon Souls)


I’m a gameplay programmer with 8+ years by now, Computer Science Background as well.

Have work for several projects with 3 awarded indie games on steam, including console exporting experience! My passion is to put in collaborative work, my tech and design skills to give my best for the projects I work on be successful.

I’ve got a history with 2D games, specially within hack and slash / action genre. Best known games I’ve work on are Death’s Gambit Afterlife and Dungeon Souls I have work on larger code sources, and have work on projects from scratch, I’m experienced with the specifics for different game genres.

My Core strength is to be fast at prototyping and building scalable code architectures. There’s a need to see where we are going by building and iterating over our project as fast as possible!


+C#(unity, monogame), gms, C++(ue) lua(pico8), python(godot,Ren’Py), haxe(Heaps)

+AI (steering behaviors, machine learning if needed)

+Well-structured code, Strong use of Classes

+User interface HUD/menus production

+NFT contract/blockchain

+Procedural Generation

+Local Multiplayer Functionality(multiple cameras/input detection/etc)

+Strong Project Management/consulting/localization

+Extensive Knowledge of 2D Gameplay systems

+I like math!


I’m looking for a project worth pursuing, I do remote job but I’m willing and able to move for the right project.

[I]Hit me up

Discord: TheRedPixel#3833

Email:[/I] thredpixel@outlook.com

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