FOR HIRE | COMPOSER | Professional Video Game Music At An Affordable Price!

I’m Hugh Holbech (aka. Miraduel) and I’m a video game composer from the UK. I have a first-class degree in creative music technology, I’ve composed for several games, produced two solo albums, and worked on a number of personal projects, including an ambient music pack.

I have extensive experience composing in many different styles, from intense electronica to adventurous Celtic music.

A quick Google will tell you that the typical rate for a minute of original video game music can be as much as £1000. As I’m a recent university graduate, eager to get stuck into exciting projects, I’m willing to offer my services for only £250 per minute of high quality audio.*

Take a look at my YouTube channel ‘Miraduel’ to view my full portfolio.

*Fees may change depending on how soon you would like the original music. Please visit the ‘rates’ page on my website to see what your soundtrack may cost. (miraduel dot com)