First trailer of my action puzzle Trap Labs

First trailer of my action puzzle Trap Labs


Hey everyone here’s I just released the first trailer to my action puzzle game called Trap Labs. The idea was inspired by StarCraft bounds but it after many iterations it ended up being a cartoon like action puzzle.

I used Cocos2d-x for handling all audio/visual, and made my own game engine for handling physics, events, and networking. I achieved cross-device network play so you can play on PC and Android/iOS at the same time! I based the art style off my favorite cartoons growing up like Dexter’s Lab and Fairly OddParents.

Let me know what you think!


Its looks awesome man good work :+1:
Best wishes for game :slight_smile:


It looks amazing!
I’m going to play it.


thank you!


Awesome. Congrats.


Very 1337! Great character style. Im down for that puzzle gameplay. Looking forward to Nov. 7th. Good luck in the stores - I hope this gets noticed!