FireStick remote command keys, Not a bug just?

Hello all Hope you all had a great cocos week creating all that good stuff for us all to enjoy, my project is up and runing fantastic on my server and thought, just just for a joke see if it work on my firestick 4k.
Well it downloaded, Installed and woroked floorless OMG no quibbles what so evere. so Q is there any commmand for the remote controle input Or do I just use the keybord input hander from cocos.
Many thnanks in advance have a great weekend.

I don’t know of a way to make the remote work out of the box but it looks like Amazon may be able to help: Remote Control Input (Fire TV) | Amazon Fire TV

Thank’s for letrting me know, ill look into at the end of the project. just thout if i was a case of just adding the keys in the loop I may as well. but hay it works.