Firebase integration (compile) without SDKBOX?

Firebase integration (compile) without SDKBOX?


I need to integrate some Firebase products/features (Authentication, Cloud Storage and Realtime Database) into my Cocos2d-x C++ project for Android.
Can I do it without SDKBOX ?

I build for Android on Windows7 with console (“compile” command, not with Android Studio). My IDE is Visual Studio 2015.
So, also it would be good to compile for Windows - Firebase says it is possible: …it would be very good to compile everything for debug under VS 2015; but the main goal is to use it on Android.

Cocos compile:
From version 4.0 it uses CMakeLists.txt
Earlier versions (3.17.2) uses\app\jni\
– to import sdkbox facebook for example.

On Firebase page there are some examples:

  • Firebase Cocos2d-x Samples (AdMob, Analytics, Authentication, Cloud Messaging, Invites, Remote Config) - dated 2017 so it uses\app\jni\
    (alas I use\app\jni\

  • Firebase Realtime Database Quickstart - newer; it uses CMakeLists.txt but is not fitted for Cocos.

I’ve tried to compile both and get some confusing errors.

Could someone help me? I mean who have succeed to build Firebase products/features with Cocos for Android (with console compile on Windows)?