Firebase + Cocos2d-x 3.11

Firebase + Cocos2d-x 3.11
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After google I/O event wanted to try Firebase Analytics and other stuff, but confused after seeing requirement as it requires Google Play Services v9.0+ , right now SDKBOX using 8.2 version.

I think there will be issues with SDKBOX in this case and maybe v9 not stable right now, is someone having experience with this?


Is SDKBOX works correctly with GPS v9.0+ ?


Is someone planning to try out Firebase? I was checking manual and for me right now it looks impossible to integrate:) Maybe someone can help do this?


We haven’t tested everything on GPS 9.0 yet. Once we tested everything we’ll update the GPS.


Still no one implemented Firebase in Cocos2d-x?


There’s a c++ SDK now, right? Just integrate it yourself.


Yes, I saw it - was trying to integrate it but without success there is not much info how to do this for C++. In original tutorial it looks easy but it seems made for latest gradle version with NDK c++ support and it doesn’t match how cocos2d-x is compiled. Would be great if someone can add this to cocos2d-x and show example.


Any new progress with Firebase and C++?

I’m also trying to do it with cocos2d-x 3.14.1 and the latest Firebase version (2.1.3), because SDKBOX is closed source and have no Firebase integration at the moment.


There is already example how to integrate it, just look over forum.


Here is no fully functional plugins yet, but there is a sample project you can probably use


Hi nite,

this was a great hint and helped a lot to implement it for iOS/Android. I’m had a compilable source code now and I can also see the data in the Firebase console (after some time). That’s great.


Does SDKBOX support Rewarded Interstitial Video ads from Admob?

This looks sweet :slight_smile: Documentation from google how to use fireabe in cocos2d-x


But if you guys want to using firebase with eclipse project, please reference to :wink:

And I’ll update the Firebase to 2.x version.