[FINAL!] All in one Cocos2d-x&JS v3.7 is released

I can download the file now with very slow speed.

Need some time before it complete.

Excited to try out (and test) Materials and AutoSprite!

any conversion guide for existing cocos2d-js projects?

For existing Cocos2d-JS projects,

How to upgrade

In fact, we have a solution which won’t make a big change in user’s project. We also want the upgrade will be as smooth as possible. Although the framework folder structure won’t be the same at all, but we ensure the user project to remain the same structure. There will be only one difference:

The old project structure:

  • MyJSGame
    • framework
      • cocos2d-html5
      • js-bindings

The new project structure:

  • MyJSGame
    • framework
      • cocos2d-html5
      • cocos2d-x

So you can upgrade your project using the exact same approach as before:

  • Download the Cocos2d-x&JS v3.7 package.
  • Upgrade cocos command with setup.py.
  • Create a new project with cocos new command.
  • Replace the “src”, “res”, “index.html”, “project.json”, “main.js” etc with your old project.
  • Then you may need to refer to the upgrade guide to solve some API change issues. (There is none in v3.7)

Please explain more about this option. Does it mean we can now use android studio for editing & debugging?


The download is blocked by avast anti virus , this is i guess result of the cocos studio case that also blocked,
there is some kind of redirect to cocosstudio url

For editing, YES!
For debugging, we will need to wait for the release of Android Studio 1.3+, see Android M Developer Preview & Tools

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The American mirror of the download file have been activated, please retry the download link, it should be ok now

Thanks i downloaded it on other PC with different anti virus , and its works fine and compiled fine .

Some one can show me how to config this new version with Code IDE?

Android Studio 1.3 preview 5 is available. How to debug the cocos2d-x project from Android-studio. After making any changes in cpp file can reflect the changes without compile from cocos console? In eclipse I will be able to direct run project, without using cocos console. Same is feasible with Android Studio?

Hi, I have a question on cocos studio editor. where can I define custom attributes. in current version I cant see this feature but in the old version this feature was in cocos studio editor. Please Help

You can post feedbacks in the Cocos launcher:

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It’s currently not supported by Code IDE

We haven’t support the preview versions yet, currently we can only use Android Studio as an editor, the C++ debugging feature and compilation will be supported for 1.3 official release.

These are a lot of great updates!
When will the video player be available for also win32?

It would be nice to be able to load the video into a sprite as with the js version.

Testing the cpp-tests on mac using xcode Version 6.3.2 (6D2105) on real device iphone 5 iOS 8
1 .in Camera 3D Test :

when clicking there is exception CCParticleSystem.cpp line 404

CCASSERT(isOK, "CCParticleSystem: error init image with Data");

2 . in CocosStudio#d Test :

Node 3D render Test (the first test ) doesn’t show any thing

Thanks for reporting, these two bugs have been solved, and we will release RC next week

I attempt to use which is a new feature ccui.WebView.
However, it did not work out the error.

My code:
var webview = new ccui.WebView (“http://www.google.co.jp”);

TypeError: ccui.WebView is not a constructor

Of course I have been added to “extensions”.
“modules”: [“cocos2d”, “extensions”, “external”]

Please somebody help.

Thank you.

Are you trying the native build ? There are one thing to note, webview and video player are only supported on iOS/Android/Web.

Besides, I just noticed that our template haven’t included webview and videoplayer by default, here is the patch PR:


You can apply the same changes of templates/js-template-default/frameworks/runtime-src/Classes/AppDelegate.cpp in your /frameworks/runtime-src/Classes/AppDelegate.cpp to make it available for ios/android