fetchGameDataNames() doesn't trigger any event (SDKBOX play)

fetchGameDataNames() doesn't trigger any event (SDKBOX play)

Hey guys!

I’m trying to integrate de SDKBOX play to my IOS game and I’m facing this issue while trying to fetch the saved games.

I’m testing with the following code:

        this.plugin = sdkbox.PluginSdkboxPlay;
        var self = this;

            onConnectionStatusChanged: function(connection_status) {
                if(connection_status == 1000) {
                    cc.log("Login success!");

            onGameDataNames: function (data, error) {


The “onConnectionStatusChanged” callback is called and the connection_status is 1000. However, fetchGameDataNames() fails silently. No error is thrown, no callback is called. I’ve already tested on three different devices with three different Game Center accounts and none of them works!

What might be happening?


Thank you for your reply!
I have double checked my XCode project and everything seems to be correctly set.

I did some further testing and noticed that some iCloud related functions are not working properly.

  • loadAllGameData() never dispatches “onLoadGameData()”
  • fetchGameDataNames() never dispatches “onGameDataNames()”

However, if I call the deprecated methods “loadGameData()” and “saveGameData()”, they work as expected and the “onGameData()” event is fired - despite receiving a warning about them being deprecated.

Is there something specific I should do to get these methods working?