Fancy Ball - new hypercasual game

Fancy Ball - new hypercasual game


I released my first cocos2d-x Android game!

Fancy Ball on Google Play

Let me know what you think!


I like the sort of fragmented geomently style! Great achievement for a first game, As I am still creating mine may I ask:

[] What physics engine did you use

[] How did you create the white circle ball? (what asset designning software did you use?)


You ask this frequently and to be honest, it really doesn’t matter. Box2d and Chipmunk are both great. Our built in Physics also suits the needs of a lot of developers. It is based on Chipmunk.

This also doesn’t matter much. Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Inkscape, Paint can all do this (technically). Your result is using the graphic produced as a Sprite.
Or you can use DrawNode.


I used Box2D and I was very satisfied with the results it gave. For 99% of the assets I used GIMP, although I would recommend photoshop if you want to make a game. It’s easier to use.


the resolution with gimp never works for me. You can (if you look closely) see in the sample images the ball’s resolution is not blanc-ni albesto. I create a perfect circle in PPTX, then try to import it to gimp but it suddenly becomes a pixelated mess. this is why I asked that

I ask this for my own analysis, I look at the difference in performance between box2d made games and chipmunk made games.


Not reliable. Sloppy coding will plague any project with performance differences. How do you know if it is the physics engine or the poor coding that is making the performance degrade?


chipmunk website claims it’s a lot faster than box2d, I thought of putting this to the test


Then test it. Your results may be useful or maybe they wont be. If you ask someone a question you get just their answer. If you try things yourself you get your own experience.


Can you post a video of the gameplay? (I dont have an android device to see this on)


Well, here’s the official trailer of the game:


Looks really cool! May I ask why you announced it on the forum a year after it’s release?


I didn’t know about this forum when I released it, so I thought it’s not too late to post here.


Bright and colorful (dare I say “fancy”) with lots of interesting types of obstacles. I would play an iOS version if you ever decide to port it over. Good luck in the Play Store!





I’d love to port it to iOS but I can’t afford that.


Yes, the trailer is from February 2018, the game was released in June and recently I discovered this forum… so I posted here.