Facebook Plugin Share Issues

by the way, you can use fb v. to test, make sure you have publish permission.

maybe just you didn’t get publish_actions permission.


I have confirmed with v., our app has “publish_actions” permission but the dialog share link result is “cancel”.

got it , thank you.

When would be the release date of v.
We have a product that will use SDKBOX facebook plugin and it will be released in 10 days.

We would be happy if you could release the fixed version soon as we need to test before release of the app.

use this package please.

Thank you.
I have downloaded it and will try later.

I have been testing the Facebook plugin framework v2.3.7.5.
Basically, it works as expected and now I can get success callback when Facebook app has already logged in.

One problem is when the Facebook app is not logged in, my app first tries to login. After logged in to Facebook, my app recovers from background status, but often, the app has been shut down and restarts.

When Facebook app is logged in, it works fine during dialog share link process and the app can get success callback without shutting down. It recovers without a problem from the background status.

I’m still not sure if the problem is on my app itself.

I will test more anyway.