Facebook playable ad - fb preview doesn't pass loading screen

For some time I’m trying to make my fb playable ad.

Now I’m trying to make it in one zip file. But when I uploaded my zip, it is accepted by facebook but on preview it doesn’t pass the loading screen, it doesn’t load the scene. Is there some solution to this, what I read, is that it can be hard or impossible maybe, but it mostly refers for making one index.html, there is no mentioning of making playable ad as a zip file?

Thank you very much for your time!

Hi, what is the version of Creator? What are the reproduce steps? Did you get an error? Can you provide a demo that reproduces the problem?

Thank you for the respond! I use Cocos Creator 2.4.1 and I get these errors:

I’m not such a good developer, so it may be something obvious though.

How you build your project ?
open Builder panel and select Facebook Instant Games platform and then click build button , it will generate a zip at the build folder, like this.
Upload this zip file to the Facebook website.


The release process can refer to the Facebook Instant Games document.

Hello, thank you for responses. I tried to build facebook instant game as instructed, but when I uploaded build to ads manager it is still empty in the preview.

Also helloworld example, build like instructed, doesn’t load anything on my server or local server set as in this link: https://docs.cocos.com/creator/manual/en/publish/publish-fb-instant-games.html

Is this also normal?

Oh? you are not build for facebook instant game ? Just for an ADs? If so you can build for platform WebMobile.

Yes :smiley: I tried that in first place, so I get the problem from my original post. Is it done by someone before without any problem?

Web mobile can run in browser, you can run for a test, click the play button after web mobile was built.
If it works, you may need to read the Facebook playable Ads document to find the right format(or files) you need to upload to their website.

Thank you for your time, thats just my main problem. When I build for web mobile platform, it works perfectly on simulator or my host, I already used Cocos Creator to build few promo games like this. But when I upload it to facebook preview, it will not pass the loading screen.

My main question is there someone who already made facebook playable ad with Cocos Creator successfully and could share the steps of the process?

Okey, Maybe your need to read the document like this,facebook need their format to upload.

Thank you, but I did every step as mentioned in document, if I didn’t facebook wouldn’t accept my upload. When you exceed the memory, number of files or you don’t implement FbPlayableAd.onCTAClick(), facebook don’t accept your upload. It my case it is accepted but won’t load the app, it is stuck in loading screen like in my screenshot.

It would be helpful if someone went through whole process of deploying playable ad to facebook? So I could know if it is possible, and why I get SyntaxError like I showed in screenshot and can I solve it somehow?

Sorry for so many post, but I tried so many things and would really appreciate right answer.

Okey, for your error ,you may need to replace the right scrip path or resource path or something ,the html can not find the engine or resmap to load.(but cocos do not generate html like this)