Facebook login unsuccess

Facebook login unsuccess
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I am using Facebook plugin with Cocos Creator.
After a very smooth integration in project, sdkbox.PluginFacebook.login() returns this msg in error

erver_error: [code] 1675030 [message]: Error performing query. [extra]: Errors while executing operation “ProxyAuthAppLoginStartQuery”: At Query.proxy_auth_app_login_start: Failed to resolve field.false

I have seen the reason of this error on google, which suggests to define roles of testers etc or make game live.
But I had already done that.

Does anyone know or have faced this issue. What else could be the problem.!


use your developer account to login to test the app.


still same error. Doesn’t work.


Is it ok on iOS


Not sure about it yet. Haven’t checked .


In my opinion, u can check iOS login first. It’s more easier than Android.

  1. make sure you’re using a developer’s account
  2. make sure your account is listed as admin/developer/tester for the app
  3. Double check the hash code on facebook, note there is debug version of hash code and release version of hash code.