Facebook login iOS 13

Facebook login iOS 13

Hello, I cant login in Facebook Plugin on iOS 13, seems this is issue similar to https://github.com/facebook/facebook-swift-sdk/issues/482
I always get “cancelled” in delegate onLogin(…) method.
On my other device with iOS 12.x login works fine
Thanks in advance!

Hi, I’m not sure this is the correct forum? Are you using SDKBOX?

Yes, and I use last version of PluginFacebook -

Ok. @yinjimmy can help.

Can you show him code/errors please.

Thanks, hey @yinjimmy help us, please :slight_smile:
I use iPhone 7 with iOS 13.1(not simulator) and PluginFacebook
I Call PluginFacebook::login(); or PluginFacebook::login( { FB_PERM_READ_EMAIL } ); and immediately get response in listener’s method
virtual void onLogin(bool isLogin, const std::string &msg);
with arguments isLogin == false and msg == “cancelled”
As I mentioned, the same issue described in https://github.com/facebook/facebook-swift-sdk/issues/482 but on clear iOS SDK without SDKBOX wrapper.
PS I have tested this logic on iPhone 5s with iOS 12.4 and got success login in result in listener.

sorry, but SDKBox team is on holiday. 10.1 ~ 10.7 Chinese National Day.

we will back to work 10.8.


plz update the facebook ios sdk SDKBOX Facebook setup link broken

Thanks a lot!

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