Facebook Gameroom Question

Facebook Gameroom Question
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Hello !
I try to use sdkbox facebook gameroom, but now i stuck on the moment when I have to add native gameroom in products on the page facebook developer console. Let me describe step by step.(Note: I only want to create app for native gameroom client on cocos2dx(c++)). First of all, I Have registered on developers facebook console , I have created first app, and have clicked on “add product” and then, I can not to see the “Gameroom Native”.
What I am doing wrong ?
Can I create game only gameroom version(on c++) without web (javascript) ?



sorry for late reply.

yes, but I need to remind you that the Facebook Gameroom Native SDK(c++) is only open to some users which has been invited to Beta. So firstly, you should apply for the qualification.

After you clicked on “add product”, I think you should click “see more products". And you will find the “gameroom native” product there.

Facebook has not upgraded the Gameroom SDK for a long time. The last beta version was released on Aug 17th, 2017.


Thank You for your answer!