Facebook c++ interface

Facebook c++ interface
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I’m trying to implement the Facebook SDK into my App (for add the “Like” button, “Login with facebook”, etc). So, I’m reading the official Facebook-Dev documentation but the problem is the code is in Objetive-C and i’m developing in c++ (coco 2dx, in xCode).

Someone knows a good FB-SDK Interface for use in C++ instead of ObjC?
I tried to start implement my own interface, but i’m not sure about the good practices for do this.

I read about “EziSocial” but It’s discontinued because the last update is in 2013. Facebook does not provide a good bridge for c++ developers? Is rare, or i’m searching wrong…



SDKBox provides Facebook SDK c++ interface.
documents here
sample here



@yinjimmy thanks for the answer.
I installed the sdkbox for facebook correctly and I followed all of the steps.

I read the methods that sdkbox offer for facebook.
Is possible that I haven’t method for display the name and surname of user logged in? I view only getUserId().

And I would like to add “Like” button for a Facebook-Page. Exists any method for do that? I did not find it.
sdbox-facebook is using the last version of Facebook sdk?