Facebook Analytics In Cocos Creator

Facebook Analytics In Cocos Creator

I have successfully able to integrate facebook sdk in cocos creator using sdkbox but unable to find any information about LogEvent using parameter in facebook analytics using sdkbox.
they mention only these three types of events.

  1. Log event

  2. Log event with value
    sdkbox.PluginFacebook.logEvent(eventName, valueToSum);

  3. Log purchase event
    sdkbox.PluginFacebook.logPurchase(mount, currency);

any body know how we can use Log Event with parameter. is it possible or not?

Let us ask @yinjimmy to help.

         * Log event
        static void logEvent(const std::string& eventName);

         * Log event with value
        static void logEvent(const std::string& eventName, float valueToSum);

         * Log purchase event
        static void logPurchase(float mount, const std::string& currency);

c++ example:

    PluginFacebook::logEvent("myLogEvent2", 34);
    PluginFacebook::logPurchase(3, "USD");

thanks @yinjimmy but my question is how we can log event with parameter as third parameter as facebook mention in its own documention. I want to pass 3rd parameter as shown below.

FB.AppEvents.logEvent(‘mylogevent’, valToSum, params);

not support this currently