Extension Store in English?

Extension Store in English?
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Today I finally took a look at the extension store from Creator (by using the Packages -> Extension Store menu item)
All of the items listed in the store have names and descriptions in Chinese only. More importantly, the interface is in Chinese only.

I tried to switch the interface to English by hitting the (EN) link, but Creator gave an error message: “Not allowed to jump to external page.”

Please consider revising the Extension Store interface to include an English interface. I would be interested in both using and creating extensions, but I am unable to read Chinese.

Thank you.


This is happening to me as well. It would be nice to get an answer on this. :slight_smile:


Sure. I found this bug too, after Creator 1.4 released. I apologize for this mistake.

I just recheck the roadmap, this issue has been planned in Creator 1.5, the store should have English interface, while the extensions only written in Chinese will be filtered.