Extends in creator 2.4.4++

I’m have class A extends cc.Component is base class.
I created class B extends class A.
I’m add component B to my node.
I’m have a class C extends cc.Component.
I have a propety:
override: true,
type: ClassA
Class C add to Root Node
In creator 2.4.3, I can drag my node with component B to class C component, but in creator 2.4.4 and 2.4.5, i can’t drag this. If I drag in creator 2.4.3, in creator 2.4.4++, It’s show “None”
In creator 2.4.5
In creator 2.4.3

How I can fix it?

I too have the same issue.

my project using more interface and abstract component. Now, I can’t update new version.

This have been fixed in v2.4.6

Thank you!