Experiment - game in 7 days!

Experiment - game in 7 days!
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Thank you so much! :sunny:
I can’t even say how thankful I am to you!

I agree, 99,9% of users will never see this topic, I do not think they even know about this engine.
I’m not sure that this will generate interest to the game, since people who read these stories and people who play this type of games are different.
In addition, imagine that you are releasing your game and honestly say that you have some psychological problems and you often feel that your work is not good enough, that your code is not good enough. But in the future you will have to communicate with colleagues and possibly publishers. I do not know about colleagues, but in the case of publishers this will lead to the fact that you will be offered a bad contract, simply because they will be sure that you will agree to it.

I will provide more information when I will use the SDKBOX and other things.
Should I provide more information about architecture?


I’m not sure I understood you correctly.
Do you mean that the use of the SDKBOX is so hard?
Or is it just another type of motivation? :smile:

  • Today is Day #4

I’m doing nothing. Again… :heavy_check_mark:

I’m very sorry about that.
But I’m sure that many of you are also unable to work if 4 men will breaking the wall and ceiling in your bathroom. And it would be much much better if they were able to not talking in this process!
And you know what? They did not even finish the work today. They just left their instrument in my apartment and left.
So the last 20 hours were hard, I only had 5 hours of sleep (which will have an effect in the long run), and I only have 3-4 hours before they return.
I’m lucky, is not it?

If I knew that this would happen, then I would not have run this experiment. Or not this week.
But I’m still going to finish this project!

On the bright side - I found Mobile Ad Networks Comparison Spreadsheet on the SOOMLA’s blog.
I also did some research on ecpm, and decided that I would use Chartboost’s rewarded video for the current project.


Use admob :smiley: for everything - it is best choise and most universall… later you can mediate from admob to any other network. It also have sdkbox support so it should be easy.


Thank you very much for your answer! :smile:

Could you please explain why you think it’s better?
Do they have their rewarded video now?


They are just #1 in fill rate and very good ecpm.


Well, I have only theoretical knowledge, but it seems that the fill rate is almost always very good for many networks.

But I will be very grateful for information regarding ecpm for the rewarded video.
I will also try to find this information on the web.
Thank you for your advice!


Hey! If you have at least one successful game you may know that every network except Admob is a total waste of makeup (;


Only I can use sarcasm in this topic! :smile:

In fact, their statement causes more confidence, since they have access to statistics of more than one game.
Maybe I’ll try AdMob in the future, but for now I’d prefer a more good support.


Hi again!

  • Today is Day #5

I write additional functions, such as coins, etc. :heavy_check_mark:
I finish the graphic sketches. :heavy_check_mark:
I finish this experiment on this forum. :heavy_check_mark:

  • The serious part

I have the playable project and I do not see any problems on my devices.

Now I need to finish graphics. This is about one day of work, including different versions of the icons.
If you can not create graphics yourself, then I advise you to look for a designer.
Since while you are thinking how to create not so bad graphics to show your project to the world, someone thinks how to show his graphics to the world. Designers need to fill their portfolio too.

Then I need to add ad networks, analytics, and sharing. Maybe IAP too.

So I want to say that it’s possible to finish the project (game is like most of KetchApp’s games) in one week.
I will recommend the engine to others.
But I will mention about the community as well.

Do you remember what I said in the beginning?

Well, I think my experiment is over here.

  • The sarcasm part

I’m so inspired by this community!
Especially when Community Evangelist says that an event in the community is

So most are concerned only about their own business. But for some reason they have time to whine that they do not need ‘a dysfunction EDITOR’.

I want to say an honest ‘thank you’ to those who were kind to me, but in general my impression of the community is not so positive.

So goodbye. Maybe we’ll see each other in a month or so when I have some statistics.