Experienced Team Hiring Developer - Paid Contract - 3 Months

Job Description
Our team is looking for an experienced Game Developer to help us build a new game using Cocos Creator. You will work with designers and artists to create new features and content in the game, as well as fix bugs, improve performance, and write tools to improve the efficiency of the team. This is a 3 month contract, with the possibility of becoming a fulltime position after 3 months.

Our team is experienced with Unity, so we’re looking for an experienced Cocos / Typescript developer to help us transition to this new development environment.


Help write code for all aspects of a brand new game. We have wireframe, mockups, functional specs, and tuning for the game.
Help us write our new generation of game engine for rapid development of high performance web/mobile games.

We don’t care where you are in the world, but you must be able to consistently work 9am-5pm Pacific Time, Mon-Fri

Be an excellent Typescript programmer with good knowledge of Cocos Creator internals
Understand and identify good user experience, good visuals, and good game design
Design and write simple algorithms, and choose appropriate data structures
Tweak & adjust particle systems as well as hook up VFX from artists
Good with Git
Familiarity of games, mobile games, and mobile devices
Fluent in spoken English and willing to talk on voice chat to collaborate with co-workers
Bonus skill: Integrate new native code iOS / Android plugins into our project
Bonus skill: Understand web or mobile performance bottlenecks and suggest/implement changes to improve performance
Bonus skill: Leadership experience, such as leading a team or working as a producer
We collaborate online with Slack, Teamspeak, Github, Dropbox, and Google Docs.

Email me at ian@foxcubgames.com, please include some links to released games that you worked on.