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Hi cocos2d-x! Anyone seen this issue for M1 build creating a new project? Any help please :pray:

M1 is not supported by Cocos2dx, run through Rosetta2 then it will work or compile all libs for M1 manually or switch to Creator as i did.

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@smitpatel88 did you converted all your old projects into cocos creator? Did you leave cocos2dx?? if you have done then how is it possible and how much time did you take for this.

No, from new projects switched to Creator.
We cannot convert 2dx project to Creator unless you write it from scratch.

okay @smitpatel88 thanks for your reply. it means your old project still continuing in cocos2dx. i felt good someone still using cocos2dx same as us.

More info here:

Also, you may be able to convert to using ADXE into the future with little effort (depending on what feature set you use)?

Hey guys thanks for all the feedback. I got 3.17.2 working for M1 by doing the following. Yes, it’s using Rosetta and work really awesome.


Please refer to this thread for additional fixes Can't run cocos2d-x on M1 Chip - #37 by pinky2012

I was not aware of that fork. Seems interesting indeed. Thanks!

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