Errors In xcode with cocos2dx v2.2.6 build

Errors In xcode with cocos2dx v2.2.6 build

Hi, I am new to cocos2dx , came here to update a existing app already. I have made changes to the script required. After running build in xcode I am facing several errors. x file not found , y file not found etc

I have solved many of those file not found problem but now i am stuck at
“iostream” file not found ()
“cassert” file not found (b2settings.h)
“string” file not found (CSDATAVISITOR.h)

Note: I am not a cocos2dx developer , this task is assigned to me by the company

Are you a c++ developer though? It seems you might be new to that as well?

These are C++ built in headers. You need to consult some c++ documentation. If your setup works correctly these should be available by default. Without more information as to your setup, etc, I can’t help.

no. I am a c# sharp developer (Unity platform).
I have reset the macbook and will try to reinstall cocos2dx … By the way which version should i install. previously 2.2.6 was installed.

If you have 2.2.6 installed, you need to stay with it. If you change to v3.x then you have re-writing off your code and concepts to do.