Errors in Documentation

I know the documentation has just been updated but there are some features that do not work and some inconsistencies in the code.

The button to go to the next page when starting a new topic and the “Have Feedback?” buttons are not working.
Also, on this page, there is an inconsistency in the code. It has Label::createWithTTF("Your Text", "Marker Felt.ttf", 24); and Label::createWithTTF("myFont.ttf", "My Label Text", 16);. As you can see, the first two parameters are switched.

Hopefully these errors can be corrected soon.

The Have Feedback button works for me on OS X, all 3 major browsers. Click it and it should respond within 10 seconds or so.

I fixed the code error for Label here:

I’m on Windows 10 using Google Chrome (I checked that it was updated) and it does not work. I switched to Microsoft Edge and it works.