Error When Want To Make A New Project, Help Plz

Hi .
I’m Using Cocos Creator, But When I Want To Make A New Project This Error Will Appear :
“Invalid Project Path, Can Only Contains Alphanumeric Characters, - And _”
I First Used My Location For The Projects , Than Tried With The Default Location But Noting Happened .
Please Help Me .
What Should I Do ?!

What are you using for a project name and path?

For Project Name I Tried Its Default (NewProject) And Another Name Like “FirstProject”
And For Path I Tried Its Default :
C:\Users\Dehkade Computer\Documents\NewProject
And :
F:\Cocos Projects\NewProject
And I Got Error For All Of Them .

Try no spaces in the path.

I Removed The Space From The Folder Name And It Worked !
Thank You Cause Of Your Help

You Mean This ?!

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