Error when running native project

when i try to run the native project this shows up…
Error: Failed to run project. The log file path [ C:\Users\erez.CocosCreator\logs\native.log ]
i looked up about this but none of the solutions solved it.
does anyone know what in the native project is the problem?
i am using cocos creator 2.3.4.

I can ask engineering to have a look. Do you have a screenshot that shows the whole Creator window at the time or perhaps a copy of the whole console log?

You can open the build log over here to see the specific errors reported.
You can also upload the build log file, and I’ll look at the specific errors reported.

i found the log the last error it shows is this

Performing Push Install
adb: error: failed to get feature set: no devices/emulators found
Error running command, return code: -1.

You clicked the run button, but didn’t connect the real machine with usb?
Or the phone did not open the developer mode and did not open the usb debugging option?

thanks this was the problem

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