Error on scene save "Component outside the auto-syncable..."

Error on scene save "Component outside the auto-syncable..."
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I have a scene with a button that reference a Node at the same tree level of himself. Inside this Node, there is a child that happen to be an auto-syncable prefab. The parent itself is not, it just contain one. When I save the scene, I get this error, that make no sense in the contexte and should not even be a problem:

In the editor, the component outside the auto-syncable prefab can only reference to that prefab’s root node itself, but not its components or children. Detailed information:
Component: “cc.Button”, Property: “clickEvents”
Node: “Canvas/Button”

But as you will see in my demo scene, the button clickEvents reference on normal Node, not a prefab Node.

If I move the button to be a child of DummyScript node, the node it reference, then the error disappear. Also take note, the error happen on save only, and everything work fine during execution. (213.1 KB)