Error on editbox in android native

Hi guys,
I have a small problem related to my editbox on the most recent Android versions. In fact, I’m creating a game on version 2.3.3 of cocos creator, and I realized the editbox does not delete my characters when I enter them or even others do not even enter them characters on newer versions of Android like version 9, 10 and 11

But on versions 8, 7, 6 up to 4 all my editbox work perfectly.

In precision the editbox cursor goes to the bottom of the text field when I make an entry

Hence my question if this is linking my builder version of cocos creator if so should i migrate to a newer version of cocos creator?

Thanks in advance please help me

Yes, you can upgrade to the latest creator and try, if you still have problems, you can take a screenshot to show the problems you encountered.

I could have the procedure to update my project on a more recent version of cocos creator?
Thanks in advance

update your project can refer to : Cocos Creator 3.0 Upgrade Guide · Cocos Creator