Error: Invalid magic number in PVR header

Error: Invalid magic number in PVR header

I set some textures to build to PVRTC 4bit RGBA for ios, but when I run it on ios device using xcode I get error

JS: [ERROR]: Error: Invalid magic number in PVR header

I use cocos creator 2.1.0.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Also another question: How do you use Texture Packer in cocos creator? I built png texture atlas, and how to load the same atlas but in pvr format? If I set that png to build in pvr it won’t load becouse plist of the atlas is pointing to png file not the built pvr file… Is there a workaround ?

Just to add this:

JS: [ERROR]: res/raw-assets/01/0153f50d-ebbd-423b-aaad-eb79b2d2ba0d.pvr
JS: [ERROR]: res/import/01/0153f50d-ebbd-423b-aaad-eb79b2d2ba0d.json

Both .pvr and .json file was at the right place…

Can anyone help ?

Anyone? @jare

Which PVR format version do you use?

TexturePacker supports PVR version 2 and version 3. Might be that Cocos Creator does not accept both of them.

I got same error
Have you found how to fix it?

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@Ztory I upgraded project to newest version of cocos creator 2.1.2 and than everything started working, so It fixed itself by upgrading the project. I hope this helps.

Good luck Ztory :wink: