[Error][CC 3.3] AnimationClip.createWithSpriteFrames *NOT* working

Cocos Creator Version: 3.3.0

How to reproduce: Simply create an AnimationClip using “AnimationClip.createWithSpriteFrames” from script. When that animation is played, nothing is shown on UI/screen.

Sample Code:

import { _decorator, Component, Node, SpriteFrame, Sprite, Animation, AnimationClip, CCInteger } from 'cc';
const { ccclass, property } = _decorator;
export class AnimationTest extends Component {
    public target: Node;

    public frames: [SpriteFrame];

    public animSpeed: number;


        let item = this.target;
        let animation = item.addComponent(Animation);

        let clip = AnimationClip.createWithSpriteFrames(this.frames, this.animSpeed);
        clip.name = 'item';

        animation.on(Animation.EventType.FINISHED, () => {
            // This message being shown in console. So, the animation is somehow playing. 
            console.log("Animation Finished");

        let state = animation.createState(clip, 'item')!;


Sample Project: attached

AnimationError.zip (86.6 KB)

I shall ask engineering to take a look


As always, thanks for your kind help.
That was working fine in 3.2.0.

If I may suggest, Cocos Team should do more unit-tests.
You fixed some things, but broke some things else which were perfectly working fine in previous versions. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

This issue has been fixed in 3.3.1 and you can merge this pr:


Thanks a lot for the update :slight_smile:

Any release date for 3.3.1?

I noticed that, that PR added the below line to animation-clip.ts :


But, it didn’t fix the issue. :confused:
I just tested.
You may please try it as well.

I test is normal can be fixed, you have recompiled the engine:

Could you please try with the project I provided above?

I didn’t change the engine, but I modified the engine code and made sure that new file is used. From Sources tab, I could see the new change (I could intercept with a breakpoint as well. So, the change was applied).

Here is the video file of my test,
Before modification:20210914_173357.zip (49.1 KB)
Modified:20210914_174216.zip (93.1 KB)
Modify the engine source code, it needs to be recompiled to take effect.
If there is in effect, this file is modified inside.
File path:3.3.0\resources\resources\3d\engine\bin.cache\dev\preview\bundled\index.js
before modification:


It’s working perfectly now :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to recompile form Current CC installer folder. (if you teach me, I’m willing to learn).
So, I just modified the bundled\index.js directly. :stuck_out_tongue:
And it worked.

Many thanks!!!

This document is an introduction to the compilation engine.

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