Error: Cannot find module 'cc'

Hello I have a problem with

  • load script [cc] failed : Error: Cannot find module ‘cc’

Require stack:

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor\page\project-scripts.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor\page\scene-utils\lib\sandbox.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor\page\scene-utils\edit-mode\index.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor\page\scene-utils\index.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor-framework\lib\renderer\editor.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor-framework\lib\renderer\index.ccc

  • C:\CocosDashboard_1.1.1\resources.editors\Creator\2.4.9\resources\app.asar\editor-framework\renderer.js

etc etc idk what to do.

Thanks in advance.

@linrm kinde sir do you know maybe what is the problem? :slight_smile:

I don’t know the cause of the problem, can you tell me how it appears in?

It’s just staying in console in cocos engine. and its constantly there. Game works in local but after build it gets freeze

Will this be the same for new construction? If it’s an existing project, can you show me your project demo?

Ok thanks for being my rubber duck. I solved the problem. It was one line of the code in Player script.

import { _decorator} from “cc”; this needed to be deleted. :slight_smile: