Emit particles along a path

Emit particles along a path
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I went through the particles test exmaples in the cocos folder but couldn’t find anything related to this.

Is it possible to Create particles that emit and move towards a target point where they fade out at the end?
Not sure if the particle System provides some kind of spline,bezier path which they use for their movement.

If anyone knows anything about this let me know :slight_smile:


Particle systems move in the way they are programmed to move. You can change those values while it is emitting to affect how it changes. You can also move the parent node of the particle system component to move it anywhere you want while it’s emitting.

Hope this answered your question!


its not the particle system i want to move, its more particles and where they should move, but it seems like cocos particles doesn’t support that? seems like it doesn’t have something like a attractor or what ever its called in other engines.

For now i’ve created my own custom particle systemwith sprites for that, since i want the particles to move to a certain point.