Election Year Knockout - iOS and Android

Election Year Knockout - iOS and Android


When debate failed, the United States turned to boxing to solve all its problems. Literally.
Join our closed alpha test at https://www.exceptionullgames.com/knockout-beta

Video trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLCUj3FHt6E

Battle your favorite (or least favorite) political personalities to gain electoral votes as you ascend to the presidency. Election Year Knockout is a light-hearted, comical boxing game for iOS and Android inspired by the PunchOut series.

This is actually our 6th game created in Cocos, and we’re really pleased with the engine and what it can do. Cocos is blazingly fast, a feature of utmost importance to any fighting game. We got down in the dirt to create our own event and touch handling to make a game concept normally best left to consoles work on mobile devices. On top of that, almost everything visual in the game is animated in Spine by Esoteric Software. Characters dance across the screen, split in two, fire cannonballs at you and, in one case, a single Spine file drives two different characters so that you can battle a particularly agitated bird.

The game is slated to launch worldwide in February 2020.

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Reminds me of the classic Punch Out for NES.

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It’s heavily inspired by that series, though at a mechanics level the game plays very differently. We keep the whimsical humor of Wii Punch Out throughout, as well. We’re still a few months away from worldwide launch, so if you can give us any testing feedback I’d be grateful!

I’d like to play it. Say Hi to Jason for me :slight_smile:

Absolutely! He’s the one who sent me here, now that we’ve got something concrete to show off. :slight_smile:

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