Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

EffekseerForCocos2d-x 1.42 was released.

Release notes

Added image caching function
Added documentation
Fixed bug that the behavior of the ribbon and track generated with the 0th frame is wrong
Fixed bug that SSE buffer overrun crashes
Fixed bug that crashes on Android when specifying easing of color

i implement the particle in my cocos2dx game. but the performance of particle in my game is very low

Please tell me more information. OS, effects, smartphone maker etc.
Official effects are not only for smartphone.

it a simulator

Which effects do you play?
Does compile with Release? It is very slow with Debug.
I’m sorry. We only check it with iPhone. If you have an iPhone or iPad, would you play it on this.

i removed all code related this i have to re code then i will in form you

Is it possible to change attraction point by code?

It can change.

For example,

and you can use all functions about Effekseer through internal manager



After this line in Effekseer.cpp will cause a texture problem which make sprite texture losing anti-aliasing / got aliasing artifact, is this my settings problem?

I’m sorry. It is perhaps a bug.
I will fix it.
I’m glad if you have a code to reproduce a bug and send it.

I have two questions.

  • which environment?
  • which sprite?(cocos2d-x sprite or effekseer’s sprite)

Best regards.

Cocos2dx 3.17.2
iOS 12.4
Cocos2dx’s sprite
You can see the problem in this video, after the star effect triggered, the top-right corner house button will get blurry.
RPReplay_Final1564052369.MP4.zip (608.6 KB)

Thank you for your movie.
I’ll try to fix this bug in this weekend.

This is new version.

The bug is maybe fixed.
If the bug is not fixed, I retry to fix it.


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I got an error when compiling.

Default member initializer for ‘CameraCullingMask’ needed within definition of enclosing class ‘Manager’ outside of member functions

It seems this is clang and gcc bug.

I think the problem is solved.

Another question about android performance, when effect triggered on android device, the UI will lag once, is this a settings problem?

I’m sorry. I fix it.

Performance problem.

  1. Effect::create reads texture and models. so it should load and cache while loading scene (or should I implement async load?)

  2. Effekseer 1.4 allocates memories while playing at first. In 1.5 it is going to be improved. Should I release quickly and also improve it in1.4?

Best regards.

I fixed a compile problem and improve memory allocation a bit.


Thank you very much!
I’m looking forward to the update. :smiley:

Is this rendering bug fixed?

Effekseer 1.5 is very large update.
Please look forward to update!

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So far the rendering problem didn’t happen with 143b2.
Thanks again!