Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

This is new version.

The bug is maybe fixed.
If the bug is not fixed, I retry to fix it.


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I got an error when compiling.

Default member initializer for ‘CameraCullingMask’ needed within definition of enclosing class ‘Manager’ outside of member functions

It seems this is clang and gcc bug.

I think the problem is solved.

Another question about android performance, when effect triggered on android device, the UI will lag once, is this a settings problem?

I’m sorry. I fix it.

Performance problem.

  1. Effect::create reads texture and models. so it should load and cache while loading scene (or should I implement async load?)

  2. Effekseer 1.4 allocates memories while playing at first. In 1.5 it is going to be improved. Should I release quickly and also improve it in1.4?

Best regards.

I fixed a compile problem and improve memory allocation a bit.


Thank you very much!
I’m looking forward to the update. :smiley:

Is this rendering bug fixed?

Effekseer 1.5 is very large update.
Please look forward to update!

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So far the rendering problem didn’t happen with 143b2.
Thanks again!

I released EffekseerForCocos2d-x 1.43b


  • Fixed OpenGL blend bug
  • Fixed Samples

I released EffekseerForCocos2d-x 1.43c


  • fixed a bug which causes crash if PlayOnEnter is false, and call play after next frame
  • fixed a bug that parameters are not applied which are assigned before playing

@Effekseer, does effekseer work with V4 and Metal?

I’m implementing metal backend (80% finished)
After that, I’m going to support V4.

Hi, @Effekseer!
For the first- thank you for your job! Effekseer is great!
And i would have a few of questions.
Can you share 1.5 release date?
You wrote in roadmap point " * Turbulence noise ( https://ics.media/entry/10921 )". Our FX artists (i think that not only ours) is really waiting for this feature. Do you have any estimate for this?

1.5 will be released in this year.
After that I will implement a noise functions
The implementation time depends on contributors and specifications

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Glad to hear this! I will be waiting for it!

I’m sorry for delay.
I have already released 1.5 beta version.

There are only Japanese documents about new functions.
I’m writing documents now.

Today I found this webpage.
And soon , It works well in my 3D cocos Game project.
Amazing!!! :rofl:I love it so much

That’s a little problem: setScale doesn’t work well

in this video, setScale effects on the sword, but clould and lightning can’t be affected.

Thank you for your information.
A scale sometimes depends on these parameters.


I recommend that effect is scaled while loading

I will improve these behavior.

It’s great work!
Do you have a plan to support cocos creator in 2020? :slight_smile:

I need more contributors to support it.

I’m implementing Effekseer for Cocos2d-x v4

Current status

  • OpenGL Done
  • Metal basic particle can be drawn.

Cocos2d-x Effekseer branch is required to use it with Cocos2d-x v4 and MacOSX

I sent PR