Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x

Effekseer - Particle effect editor for Cocos2d-x


My name is Effekseer Project, under which open source software is developed in Japan.
We are developing a particle effect editor for games.
We released a library for Cocos2d-x.
You can create particle effects and draw effects in Cocos2d-x with this library.

This library is an open source and free software.
Please would you try it?

Created effects are as follows. These effects are 3D. But effects can be rendered as 2D.


This library is already used in this game. (Sorry for it is Japanese only)
In addition, Effekseer is already used in many games.

We hope to support Cocos2d-x developers.





@slackmoehrle @zhangxm I think is this really worth expanding on. There aren’t much particle editors out there that are open source

I’ve been struggling to get ParticleEditor form 71squared to work on my new mac. It crashes all the time and it doesn’t look like there will be any updates anytime soon (I think the company is dead)


@Effekseer Will definitely try and get back to you!


Wow, sure, I can try this! Please contact me if there is a way we can help you.


It’s not for macOS and thats typical mistake developing software nowadays… it’s should be n1 for Mac and for other…, so it’s should be cross-platform.


I get it. I think if they had an IDE for Mac it would help. I’m more referring to the fact that cocos2d-x has a great particle system (My whole game is based on it), but there isn’t a good particle editor.

Would definitely like to see this on macOs.

@Effekseer Is there plans for an IDE for Mac?


Thank you for your comments.
This editor has been developed from 2009.
No cross-platform editor was no problem at that time.

@mozartalouis @anon98020523
I have a plan for IDE.
I will start to develop IDE for mac from December and complete it at the next year.


Seem it can not run on windows 10, at least for me.


In almost case, DirectX runtime is lacked when the editor cannot run.



@Effekseer, Thanks for your time to develop this utility, it will be a great help if you can write a basic integration tutorial for cocos2d-x, will surely help developers running on tight schedule to try it without investing much time looking for integration steps. If more developers can try it out of the box then you can expect a higher number or users for it.
@slackmoehrle Can we have its descriptions and introductions in upcoming programmers guide and updated docs for Particle systems/External editor section for cocos creator as well?



An integration tutorial is here.


Sample codes are here.

And zipped file which contains these files can be download from the official site.



Greate tool.
How can i use this in cocos creator project?


I’m sorry that I have not support cocos creator project yet.
I try to support cocos creator project.


Can I use it within lua or JS?


I’m sorry that I have not support lua or JS yet.
I think that I can support lua.


As I know, cocos binding-generator can generate bindings both for js and lua.


Thank you.I try it!


Any progress it this direction?


I’m sorry for late.
I’m fixing bugs around 1.3, Unity and UnrealEngine4.
I’ll take this task after that.
But I’m happy if someone helps it because I have an other tasks such as a cross platform IDE.


I have run sample particle on iOS. Frame rate started at 60 but then down to 30.