Effects and Materials Documentation

Effects and Materials Documentation

Good day, just want to ask if there is any resources or documentation in using the new effects and materials in v2.2.0? Tried searching but to no avail :frowning:

Where are you looking?

Me too… I want to add a blur effects to sprites based on their speed but I couldt find how to use the new effects system. I searched on latest creator manual. If you have any usefull resources or manual link it could be great!

  • If you have somthing in chinees I will also be thankful…

tried looking in the documentation page first. then searched in google for any resources or discussions about this. My best resource for now is this project:

unfortunately the project is using cocos 2.1.3. since 2.2.0 seems to have updated the effects and material assets.

I see that the cocos blog has released an article related to my post, and thought just want to share:

But is there built-in functions or variables into the Effect files? Similar to unity’s shaderlab: