Editor window in CC (3.5.0)

Perhaps a strange question, but I can not understand how the camera works in the editor itself and how to configure it.

I have two canvases, each with a camera. One canvas and camera with priority 0 for UI elements. Second canvas and camera with priority 1 and DEPTH_ONLY flag for 3D elements. 3d elements should be rendered in front of the UI. I run it and everything works as it should.

But in the editor window, no matter what I do, I can’t get the 3d elements to show up in front of the UI. Even switching to 3d mode, the UI is always displayed in front of them. What am I doing wrong and where is the error?

In the editor window in 3d mode:


Thanks for your feedback, do you mind to pass us a small repo scene to look at?

Certainly. I created a small demo:

Test_ide.zip (1.6 MB)

As a result, the 3D object is visible after launch, but I can’t set its visibility in the editor: